Two years have flown by.


Within the 730 days we have spent together as married couple, we already have Winter and our house is nearing its completion.


We’ve shared triumphs and tribulations throughout this period. These are the moments that have elated and brought us down at the same time. But all of these defined who we are as people.


They say a relationship is a very dynamic and volatile thing. From the things we have experienced, I agree. A marriage is very difficult to manage and keep, especially now that we have a daughter. (And hopefully more to come soon!)

But despite the dynamism, at its very core at two people who love each other deeply.

On our second anniversary, I promise that I will strive to become the man you married, the man I ought to be, and the man you want be to become.

Ikaw Lang Sapat Na


I promise to take you to places and travel to different parts of the world where we can make our marriage stronger.


I promise to become better every day, to wake up every morning with a smile on my face, knowing that you and Winter are beside me, ready to share and receive my love and happiness.


I promise to become a good friend and an even better husband/father who will provide and keep you safe at all times.


I promise to remain steadfast with my love for you as we move forward for better things to come. It will be filled with joy, happiness, sadness, and anger, but these are the very things that make it beautiful.


I promise to continue making beautiful memories with you until we grow old together and all that we can about is how lucky we have each other.